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Flowers of Vietnam

Vietnam is a country located in Southeast Asia. The climate of the country is tropical and the weather is very varied. Due to the weather varieties of flowers are grown in Vietnam. In actuality, this country is famed for creating various bright and vibrant flowers year round. Some of the native flowers of Vietnam are discussed in this website.


Known as’hoa cuc’ in Vietnam, Chrysanthemums have large blooms available in bright colours like red, orange and yellow. They have a mild odor and are quite enduring. They are quite well known in the country and could be viewed from the balconies and verandas of homes. They are positioned on alert. They’re among the country’s four flowers.


Lotuses are the national flower of the nation. They’re known in Vietnam as’ hoa sen’ and are available in colors of white and pink. The flowers grow in water and bloom through the summer. People of Vietnam utilize the Lotus for various functions. They utilize the flower as a gift to gods, make tea from the seeds and wrap green rice at the leaves. Like the chrysanthemums, it’s known to be among Vietnam’s blossoms.

Peach Flowers

Blossoms grow inĀ  They are the symbol of the Vietnamese New Year as they are reddish in colour and red signifies positive opportunities in this region of the world. People also send them into the southern areas of the country in New Year as they’re thought of as valuable gifts particularly on this occasion. Although they can be found in different colours such as pink or white, the red ones are the most popular.

Yellow Apricot Flowers

Yellow apricot blossoms are also connected with the Vietnamese New Year. They’re flowers on this occasion’s counterpart. As the title says, these flowers are bright yellow in colour. The scent of those flowers is very mild.

Da Lat Roses

These roses are native to Da Lat, which is a city in Vietnam. They can be found in a variety of colours and colors including red, pink and yellow. These flowers are very long lasting because they may last from 7-15 days when put in a vase. Furthermore, they are quite famous all around the country and are bestsellers in large cities. In Europe, these flowers are favored Besides Vietnam