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Is MacKeeper a Virus?

Now in time, if you are a Mac owner, you most likely have come across many perspectives all differing regarding the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing MacKeeper. There’s been a lot of conflicting feelings and opinions about this cleaner program designed for Mac computers. While there is a lot on the web about if you should have MacKeeper since it could possibly be a virus, then you should educate yourself for all of the reasons it isn’t. At the end, you shouldn’t have the question of Is MacKeeper a virus? . To possess all of the information you need, is a fantastic power.

Why do people think MacKeeper is a Virus?

There are a few reasons that individuals could be getting the wrong idea about MacKeeper and its capabilities and its actual functions. It is quite possible that individuals are getting this system cleaner confused with the true Trojan malware called MacDefender. With MacKeeper you are able to uninstall the program and stop payment at anytime. This is the prerogative. MacKeeper is a valid application. A good deal of bad press for MacKeeper comes from many Apple fans who don’t take kindly to anything which could imply that Mac Computers are vulnerable to any kind of Trojan or virus.

Mackeeper reviewsPossessing this program slammed would help keep up the pretense of Macs being the safer variant of pc to have. The reality is, that some programs, in the method of a Trojan program, is the only way that Macs may get viruses. Together with MacKeeper, it may find them dispose of them, not make them.

In this day and age with so much technology and social media, it is easier for individuals, both lovers of Mac and nonfans, can easily spread whatever opinion about things they way. Plus it will spread quickly. This is another reason a lot of people think the MacKeeper is a virus. There is a sense of herd mentality in regards to technology and once one persons view is spread wide enough, nearly anyone will believe it.

At the beginning of MacKeeper’s development, the promotion wasn’t where it should be, therefore not many people knew about it, and what they did understand wasn’t as informed as it should have been. This helped to spread the negative opinions and reviews of this program which has only improved with age.

How do you utilize MacKeeper to wash your computer?

When you buy MacKeeper and install it on your computer, there’s a really fast clean-up procedure of your files and system. With a scanner feature the MacKeeper will scan four unique types in your pc and discover just how much junk is keeping the system from running at the speed that it should be operating. It will get these files and delete them to keep it from occurring again. Another cleaning attribute is the duplicate finder which will pick through each of the files on the computer and see if there are any doubles of any files you have. If so, you can delete them and free up some more space. Leander Kahney from Cult of Mac explained that none of the professional reviewers whine of slowed-down machines or deleted information.

Why is MacKeeper so special?

Is mackeeper safeMacKeeper is not just your regular cleaner to the system of your Mac. This system has gained of more than hundred gold five Star awards from leading tech companies including Nerd Grind. Not every maintenance app can say exactly the same thing. This reason alone should convince you to purchase MacKeeper over another Mac cleanup programs that boast they will do the same thing. When you are already paying top dollar for hardware you cannot afford to fail installing a suitable security suite. A number of my friends ask what their very best option is. Every time I say, Mackeeper. Why?It does everything you had wrapped up in a wonderful package.

So is MacKeeper a virus?

After studying the program it should be clear that while there are going to be several positive and negative testimonials concerning MacKeeper, you have to do what you believe is going to be greatest. Should you still have the question of is MacKeeper a virus? Do a bit more research and see there are a lot of people on each side of the fence. The newer updates are providing increasingly more favorable reviews and better evaluations. Get the best for your Mac and have it running how it should.

Over the recent months and weeks, you might have encountered a number of the rumours surrounding a Mac cleaning software package known as MacKeeper. MacKeeper has turned into among the most misunderstood and subsequently controversial Mac apps of recent days, with innumerable tirades from it littering Mac community forums. What is really happening?

Antivirus software for Mac?

Until lately, antivirus protection wasn’t really something Mac users necessary to dedicate much time. Compared to Windows machines, the number of viruses or malware applications in existence that targeted Macs was almost negligible. Therefore, there was a prevailing opinion over the blogosphere that anybody marketing or selling antivirus software for Mac was automatically guilty of scamming, or generating malware under the guise of something beneficial.

The truth is with more and more people buying Macs, there’s a now a significant and rewarding market for malware manufacturers to target, and several of them are slowly waking up to this. Whilst there are yet no confirmed examples of viruses such as Macs, other kinds of malware such as Trojans, spyware and phishing traps are already having an impact. What’s more, it is technically feasible to code viruses for Macs, which means it is only a matter of time until somebody does.

All of this means that the creation of antivirus software for Macs is a legitimate pursuit, and you should not write off companies that are attempting to do it without seeing for yourself what the fuss is all about.

As you have likely noticed, one or 2 of the program’s aliases appears to be somewhat like MacKeeper, which is genuine antivirus software. The similarities have contributed to a lot of confusion, with lots of users logging on forums and registering warnings and complaints in relation to the misleading MacDefender but unintentionally speaking about it since MacKeeper.

Naturally this type of success has attracted any jealousy, and a number of the opponents have started generating black PR campaigns aimed at slandering the software, even as they behave to replicate it to their gain.

One of the chief mediums employed for these attacks was Google Adds, and the offenders have been suspended for violation of Google’s accounts user terms. Whist the creation of fresh black propaganda has since been halted, the damage in many respects has been completed the misinformation is already out there and is constantly being re tweeted, reblogged and linked to by bemused Mac users in tech support forums.

Irresponsible Affiliates

Some of Nerd Grind’s affiliate companies have engaged in overly aggressive advertising campaigns or unethical conduct in connection to the sale of the software. Whilst Nerd Grind have since broken ties with anyone, they have found to be behaving undesirably, their actions have understandably brought the MacKeeper name into disrepute.

Despite all the controversy, pretty much every specialist Mac software reviewer or trainee that has tried the software has released glowing reviews. The software does as it’s intended to do, i.e. cleared your Mac of dormant or useless documents to speed this up, help you keep your machine in maximum efficiency and guard it from malicious content. There are no confirmed or real reports of this software doing any injury to Macs.

The truth then is that MacKeeper isn’t a virus; it is a genuine and highly effective means of protecting your Mac against viruses and other threats. Some could still look at this type of applications to be overkill in an era where common sense can go a long way towards maintaining your cherished Mac safe, but for many others no quantity of protection can be sufficient. As long as you take care to ensure that you are downloading the authentic MacKeeper rather than an imposter, there is not anything to fear from this item.