The Advantages of Search Engine Optimization

The term “search engine optimization” means that a website will be set up in order to maximize the chances that a search engine will recognize the website as being one that delivers content that describes the keyword that is being searched for. When a person goes to a search engine and types something in the search box, he or she expects to find information that is relevant to what he is asking. Find out more about this tip from the article published on pozycjonowanie stron Wrocław.

If I type “bananas” into the search box, I expect information to come back to me that is going to tell me something about bananas, not apples. If I have information other than the subject of which I inquired about, I am disappointed. So there are some definite things that can be done, in arranging a website in order to be optimized for the search engines.

Search engines, such as Google, Bing or Ask, operate from keywords, or keyword phrases that people type into a query box. The search engine then goes to find websites that do the best job of defining information pertaining to the requested keyword, and returns the websites in the order of those that are most relevant.

If the name of the product or service of your business is a competitive one, then you could search for keywords about what the product or service does. There are places to search for relevant keywords, and Google has a good feature that will help in doing that. You want to find keywords that have a decent amount of searches per month, yet do not have a lot of competition from other websites. This is called a niche, and you want to be in a niche that is a subcategory of the major topic, but one that has less competition.

Once you are in the process of building your website or blog around that keyword, you should always put the keyword in the title of the page, and two more times in the first two thirds of the page, and once in the bottom one third of the page. This is a good spread that the spider that the search engine sends around will find and approve of.

The next thing to do is to write articles. Articles can be written pertaining to the subject, or the keyword. Write some articles to be placed in Ezinearticles, Goarticles, Hubpages, Digg, and Squiddo. All of these venues have a place where you can place a link back to your website, thus giving it more credibility to the search engines.

Find some blogs that pertain to the same or similar subject area, that are higher in ranking than you are, which will be just about any blog. If you can find some on page one or two of Google, those will work well. Make a post of some value in the comments section of the blog. Some of the blogs will allow you to place a link in your post as well.

The more backlinks that can be pointed back to your website, the better. It is also good to add backlinks on a gradual basis, because it will be more like what a natural process would be like, with people randomly discovering your site.