Using Foam Roller for IT Band

Exercise has become a mantra with the fitness crazed thousands on the global canvas. There are times when over stretching can harm certain parts of the body. There is a name for overuse of tissues on the outer thigh area and the knee called Iliotibial band (IT) syndrome. This usually occurs after a series of strenuous exercise and more so when running where the heel strikes the ground. Usually, the pain caused by IT band syndrome presents as knee pain and a foam roller can help keep the IT band healthy.

Of course the first thing that is advisable to deal with IT band knee pain is to have a physical therapist work out the angles and help you ease the problem. However, since it does get pretty excruciating medical experts almost always recommend anti inflammatory medications to deal with the pain.

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As a rule, it is always advisable to contact professionals prior to exercising. In fact even the hard core athletes also suffer from injuries and strain on the muscles. So there is nothing to be shy about, one must just go ahead and get the green light from the doctor before embarking on a heavy routine just because one wants to be fit.

Dealing with IT Pain with the Foam Roller

When the joints are not properly lubricated and taken care of, there is bound to be a problem. Most specialists or chiropractors suggest foam roller exercises for IT band. The IT band foam roller is used to strengthen the hips with a view to stretching all the muscles in the legs. Most people presume that this takes a lot of time and not worth the effort considering they like to squeeze in exercise due to crazy work hours, but if this is not catered to, one can be immobile for a while.

The foam roller works to release tight spots along the IT band. The exercise will start with the foam roller beneath your hip bone. If you lie on your left side, place your left forearm on the floor, with the foam roller beneath your left hip bone, and extend your left leg straight. Cross your right leg in front of your body and bend your right knee. Roll the foam roller down by pushing with your forearm.

Physical Therapy with the Foam Roller for IT Band

The physical therapist usually evaluates the cause of the injury with a view to providing proper strength and training sessions to enable the person deal with the normal routing. The foam roller for IT band may not be the initial object to use; some prefer a jumbo exercise ball. Both are used in conjunction with the problem on hand and dealing with the underlying cause to have an effective result.

The point to note is that while on therapy and afterwards, one must follow the basic rules detailed by the specialist with the IT band roller. Many a time, we refrain from following the little pieces of advice and end up with serious problems for life. Sometimes a basic squat can iron out the problem, but this is not the solution unless the final say is provided by the expert.

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